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Training & Lessons


 When riding with Heather you are asked to create a training and lesson package that best suits you and your horses needs and desires. This assures you that there will be no hidden costs at the end of each month. We can customize a training and lesson schedule to best suit your specific budget and plans.  We will start by observing your current riding and training level, then sit down to draw up the specific proposal to make sure we will remain on the same page, able to see things eye to eye through every step of training.  This will also help with goals and progress.


Please view videos of horses, present and past, on our youtube account. 


  We aim to produce a balanced, confident, sensible horse; a horse that looks to its rider for guidance but carries himself without leaning, that is confident and friendly but respectful and obedient, light and responsive without being jumpy. Consistency and clarity will make a horse secure and relaxed in his work, and praise and variety will help him enjoy that work. Consistent schooling in the arena provides the horse with the mental and physical building blocks for any vocation, and taking him out frequently to shows or clinics keeps him interested, fit, and confident. We try to avoid fads and stick to methods that have been proven over centuries, keeping in mind that rhythm, relaxation, suppleness, straightness, impulsion and collection are the key to greater successes. Balance, straightness, self-carriage, and suppleness are as valuable in a trail horse as they are in a dressage horse, hunter, equitation ride or stadium jumper. Simply put, it is kinder and more enjoyable to ride a horse that has been taught to balance himself effectively under a rider's weight, and learning comes more easily to a rider who is not struggling with her horse's imbalances and tensions as well as her own. Good horses make good riders. 


Single Training Ride $50.00


Training Packages ($50.00)

Partial Training A - 1 Ride / Week (4 rides per month)

 $200.00 / month 

Partial Training B - 2 Rides / Week (8 rides per month)

 $400.00 / month

Training C - 3 Rides / Week (12 rides per month)

 $600.00 / month

Training D - 4 Rides / Week (16 rides per month)

 $800.00 / month 


Weekly or Bi-Weekly Tune-Ups:

We believe every horse needs tune-ups from time to time, this can help keep them sharp and on there game.


Starting or breaking a horse is one of our specialties.  With our method of training, it helps keep the horses stress level to a minimum. We cater each program specifically to the horses needs. Since every horse progresses at their own rate, you can not set an exact schedule to your horses progress. By starting them this way you are assured a successful outcome. 


Here at HVSS, we also retrain horses out of bad habits they have developed. Most of these problems develop when miscommunication between horse and rider goes unnoticed for several months or even years. Once the problem is corrected, we encourage the rider and or owner to work privately with our trainer so they can develop a full understanding of what we have been doing differently to prevent and correct the problem.


Horses are most healthy and least prone to injury when they are in a standard exercise program. Owners who are lacking the time to ride their horses 5-6 days each week may wish for their horse to be exercised by our staff. Not only are they kept sound, flexible, fit, and clean, but the horse’s training constantly progresses and makes rides for you that much more enjoyable.



      We aim to create a balanced, confident, sensible rider; a calm guide, kind and respectful to her horse.  One who understands that a whisper is often more powerful than ashout and who has developed the security and strength to give that whisper authoritivly. A rider who works steadily on her own skills will become physically as well as mentally better able to handle the inevitable setbacks which will come her way. Dedication to details in the arena will sharpen the rider's sensibilities, and venturing out to shows will give her confidence and bring her closer to her horse. A rider should focus on her own relaxation and suppleness, balance and straightness, before she attempts to master the aids required for the higher movements. A rider with the strength to carry herself will free the horse to express himself in self-carriage. Too many people take themselves out of the picture when they talk about their horse. Good riders make good horses.


1/2 hour private/hour semi private riding lesson $35.00 

hour private riding lesson $50.00


Monthly Lesson Packages

Lesson Package A = 4, hour private, Weekly, lessons/month

 $200.00 / month   

Lesson Package B = 8, hour private, 2x/Week, lessons/month

 $400.00 / month 

Lesson Package C = 4, half hour private, hour semi private, Weekly, lessons/month

 $140.00 / month 

Lesson Package D = 8, half hour private, hour semi private, 2x/Week, lessons/month

 $280.00 / month   

*lesson and training packages are honored on a pre-paid monthly basis 


  Day Leases/ Hack sessions 

 We do offer the availability to lease our horses on a day to day basis.  This allows the client the ability to come get some practice time in the saddle.  You can call or text to see if there would be any horses or ponies available to hack.  However, doing a lease on a day basis does not guarantee there will be a horse available as well as who it may be that particular day.

Day Lease $30.00 per hack 


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