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Quotes I met Heather through our blacksmith. He could not say enough good things about her and said she would be perfect to get my young horse going for me and also get my daughters exposed to the hunter/jumper show world. We have my five year old jumper that she has brought to amazing accomplishment since Sept. 2010. Champion and Reserves with me at A shows in Low Adult jumpers. Then there are my daughters who are seven and nine. Heather matched her with an AMAZING medium pony . They are competing in Short Sturrip. Going into their debut A show in April 2011. Then my nine year old who has a BEAUTIFUL perfectly matched three year old welsh pony. Heather has been working closely with them teaching them both to become the perfect team. They adore eachother and will be unstoppable. Heather Froehlich Cortell has the ability to work with each riders needs. With patience and when needed, a stern hand when called for. She runs a SAFE, enjoyble program I am proud to be a part of. Quotes
Satisfied Mom and student

Quotes This is an e-mail received from the family who has my retired pony hunter champion "Hoppy". I sent her to them in 2010 and it is now a year later. I asked how she liked the beach. Hoppy was the only one that wasn't afraid of the waves lol. She was the only one that would get her feet wet. SHE DID GREAT at the beach, there were 2500 registered riders, it was a ride for the heart association. You can post the pics. She loves to go different places, she is truly a great horse. Hoppy and Tori went team penning for the first time at the barn where we practice and she acted like a pro, better than my horse. She also takes beginner jumping lessons with Hoppy everyother week. Hoppy has found her baby! She thinks are Shetland pony is her baby, acts just like a mom with a foal, it is too funny. I can't say enough good things about her, but you already know i'm sure. She is in good health, the vet just saw her last week for shots, coggins, and teeth. We just wanted to Thank You a Bunch Quotes
Happy Family

Quotes I started with Heather in August 2002, and she has been like a second mother to me. Our chemistry, when we are working together, whether i am just hacking around at home and she is giving me tips, or laying down that perfect trip in the show ring, has been such an enjoyable ride, and I am ready to stay in the saddle with her for many years to come. Our Hunter Vale crew is responsible, caring, and most importantly gives love to the horse and rider to keep them both happy and healthy. I love my Hunter Vale family and I could not be more blessed to have such a great team to work with! Quotes
B. Klimkowski
Satisfied Client/Rider for 10+ years

Quotes Started with heather in December 2010, and she has been absolutely phenomenal, she brings the best out of her students. With her assistants and training me and my horses will excel at our top game at horse shows. Quotes
M. I. E. Dojlidko
Satisfied Client

Quotes my child got into my car, after a day full of lessons on Heathers horses and the very first thing she expressed was... "you know what i liked the most about Heather, she just took it to the next level." Quotes
S. & D. Miller
Happy Client